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2.1. Getting Started



Use the following link to register and log back in. 

Access Paragon Academy (Click Here)

It is recommended to bookmark this page. 

For first-time users, click "No account? Sign up".


Complete the User Registration Form. Student Number is NOT required.


Check the box to accept the terms, and click the Confirm button.

A "Success!" message will appear. 

You can now log in with the credentials you created. 


After logging in you should see a "Welcome" message with a box to "Redeem" an access code. 

If the message does not appear, click on "Redeem Code" from the menu on the left side of the screen. 

Access Code: M2L-94816-39982-paragon7

The access code will register users for all Paragon courses. Only Paragon Academy is required for new HLAoR members.

 Click on Paragon Academy to begin the course.

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